"Crystal Laughing Waters" : Historical Glimpses of the Laguna De Santa Rosa.

Publication Type  Book
Authors  John Cummings
Year  2003
Publisher  John Cummings
Place Published  Petaluma CA
Key Words  abk; archive; ebook

"Significant quotations from the summarized newspaper articles are in quotation marks. Relatively
minor quoted words and phrases are often not in quotation marks, but were used in the
summaries to provide a flavor of the original language and tone of the old newspaper articles.
Many of the summaries have been distorted to highlight useful tidbits of historic Laguna interest.
The names of the people involved are included to satisfy the current demand for genealogical
research and are faithfully spelled as in the newspaper article summarized. Alternative spellings and descriptions of the Laguna, also faithfully copy the old newspaper articles. Readers are
encouraged to read the original newspaper article on microfilm. For convenience in locating the
original newspaper article, the same case is used in the titles of the summarized articles as in the
original newspaper articles. Except for the Sebastopol Times, this is not a complete list of local
newspaper articles on the Laguna, but is only met to be a representative sample. "

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