Laguna's fate in Congress' hands [90.18]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Robert Sharp
Year  1990
Date  08/1990
Publisher  Sebastopol Times and News
Key Words  aml; archive; National Widlife Refuge; bill; Doug Bosco; Robert Bob Sharp; editorial; MAS; Laguna Technical Advisory Committee; wetland; federal; national; fresh water marsh; Russian River; Pacific Flyway; HR 2548; congressional hearing; preservation

A Guest speaker column, written by Robert Sharp, advocating for the establishment of the Laguna as a National Wildlife Refuge.


1. See reference items 90.5.1, 90.8, and 90.12 in the Laguna Founders Archive for similar versions of Robert Sharp's article.

2. Article is incomplete and part of the bottom of the right column is torn.

Time Period: 
08/22/1990 - 08/28/1990
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