Hearing Crowd Supports Laguna Report [88.36]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Bruce Robinson
Year  1988
Date  03/1988
Publisher  The Paper
Key Words  SRV; archive; Laguna de Santa Rosa; Sebastopol Planning Commission; Laguna Advisory Committee; no net fill; Karen Eberhardt; Jude Kreissman; Bob Harder; Bruce Aspinall; Palm Terrace; Joan Vilms

Hearing Crowd Supports Laguna Report:
Newspaper article on "a ringing endorsement of the measures to preserve the Laguna de Santa Rosa delivered to the Sebastopol Planning Commission Tuesday evening where the recommendations of the city's Laguna Advisory Committee were supported by virtually all of the 30 speakers who addressed a public hearing on the subject."

Time Period: 
03/24/1988 - 03/30/1988
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