Upper Mark West Watershed Management Plan Phase 1: Watershed Characterization and Needs Assessment

Publication Type  Resource
Authors  Sotoyome Resource Conservation District
Year of Publication  2008
Publisher  Sotoyome Resource Conservation District
Key Words  Upper Mark West; watershed; Management Plan
Abstract or Description  

The purpose of this plan is to provide tools, resources and guidance for stakeholders to protect the natural environment in the upper Mark West Creek watershed, restore and enhance altered landscapes, and to steward the land in perpetuity. The development of this plan will occur in two phases. The first phase of the plan includes general scoping, gathering existing information, and assessing needs for the second phase. During the first phase of planning, Sotoyome RCD staff met with watershed stakeholders to learn about stakeholder needs and interests that can be addressed by the plan and to obtain information about the watershed that stakeholders have gathered. This is the first draft of the plan that includes existing data and describes needs for second planning phase