The Pollination Ecology of Showy Vernal Pool Annuals: A Pilot Survey of Insect Visitors to Three Endangered Plant Species

Publication Type  Conference Presentation
Authors  Kandis Gilmore; Christina Sloop; Hattie Brown
Affiliations  Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation
Year  2009

The Santa Rosa Plain is home to both natural and created vernal pools and swales that harbor the endangered annual plants Blennosperma bakeri, Limnanthes vinculans, and Lasthenia burkei. Questions
to be answered to promote the recovery of these species are:
1. What pollinators do plants rely on to reproduce?
2. What is the ecology and distribution of these in- sect pollinators?
During the spring of 2009, we conducted a pilot study to observe insect visitors to floral populations of each species at both naturally occurring and man-made or created pools across the blooming season. We performed timed observations across different flower cohorts and cover class densities.

Conference Name  2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium
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