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Kenyon Webster .  2002.  City of Sebastopol -- Staff Report, City Council Meeting [2002.7]. Abstract    Download:  2002.7.pdf 
Kenyon Webster .  2002.  City of Sebastopol -- Staff Report, City Council Meeting [2002.3]. Abstract    Download:  2002.3.pdf 
Kenyon Webster .  2002.  Invitation Flyer -- Dedication of New Trail [2002.9]. Abstract    Download:  2002.9.pdf 
City of Sebastopol .  1999.  Pamphlet -- The City of Sebastopol Laguna de Santa Rosa Wetland Preserve [99.20]. Abstract    Download:  99.20.pdf  99.20.b.pdf  99.20.c.pdf 
City of Sebastopol, Laguna Foundation .  1998.  Post Card: Notice for Planting Weekend -- "Putting Down Roots" [98.42]. Abstract    Download:  98.42.pdf  98.42.b.pdf 
Kenyon Webster .  1998.  Memorandum: City Planning Department, Sebastopol -- Revised Donation Letter to Laguna Preserve Implementation Committee [98.41]. Abstract    Download:  98.41.pdf 
Greg Jacobs .  1992.  Memo: Laguna Master Plan [92.10]. Abstract    Download:  92-10.pdf 
Nichols J Stewart .  1989.  Letter -- To Members of the Agricultural Community From Sebastopol Councilman Nichols J. Stewart [89.6]. Abstract    Download:  89.6.pdf 
Barbara Schneiders .  1989.  State of the Laguna Conference, Letter of Thanks to Bob Sharp and Dee Wickham From Barbara Schneiders, Consultant [89.17.4]. Abstract    Download:  89.17.4.pdf 
Anne Magnie .  1988.  California Wetlands an Element of California Outdoor Recreation Plan [88.82]. Abstract    Download:  88-82.pdf 
Thomas F Miller .  1988.  Certificate of Appreciation for Chairman Robert Sharp of the Laguna Advisory Committee [88.4.1]. Abstract    Download:  88-4-1.pdf 
Anne Magnie .  1988.  Letter from Sebastopol Mayor Anne Magnie to Sonoma County Board of Supervisors regarding coordination of city and county [88.80]. Abstract    Download:  88-80.pdf 
Melvin K Davis .  1988.  Letter from Melvin 'Mel' Davis to Robert 'Bob' Sharp, Re: Invitation to a Study Meeting of the Planning Commission [88.18]. Abstract    Download:  88-18.pdf 
Paul L Schoch .  1988.  Map of eligible projects for Proposition 70 grants [88.78]. Abstract    Download:  88-78.pdf 
Paul L Schoch .  1988.  Memo from Paul Schoch to Mel Davis RE: Development Applications vs "Laguna Report" [88.12]. Abstract    Download:  88-12.pdf 
Bruce Aspinall .  1988.  Memo from Bruce Aspinall Re: "Laguna Advisory Committee Report" [88.13]. Abstract    Download:  88-13.pdf 
Larry McLaughlin .  1988.  Memo from Larry McLaughlin to Melvin K. Davis Re: Development Applications vs "Laguna Report" [88.14]. Abstract    Download:  88-14.pdf 
Melvin Davis .  1988.  Potential Lands for a Laguna Linear Park [88.86]. Abstract    Download:  88-86.pdf 
Larry Koverman .  1987.  Letter: Regarding Cease and Desist Sewer Pond #5 [87.12]. Abstract    Download:  87-12.pdf