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Christina Sloop, Joseph Honton, Clayton Creager, Limin Chen, Elizabeth S Andrews Setenay Bozkurt .  2007.  The Altered Laguna: A Conceptual Model for Watershed Stewardship. Abstract    Download:  Altered Laguna Cover.pdf  Altered Laguna Front Matter.pdf  Altered Laguna TOC.pdf  Altered Laguna 1.pdf  Altered Laguna 2.pdf  Altered Laguna 3.pdf  Altered Laguna 4.pdf  Altered Laguna 5.pdf  Altered Laguna 6.pdf  Altered Laguna 7.pdf  Altered Laguna 8.pdf  Altered Laguna 9.pdf  Altered Laguna 10.pdf  Altered Laguna 11.pdf  Figure 4-18.pdf  Figure 5-1.pdf  Figure 6-2.pdf 
US Army Corps of Engineers, Sonoma County Water Agency, Mendocino County Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District .  2008.  BIOLOGICAL OPINION for Water Supply, Flood Control Operations, and Channel Maintenance in the Russian River watershed. Abstract    Download:  SIGNED-RussianRiverBOCoverletter.pdf  Signed-RussianRiverFinal_BO_9-24-08.pdf 
Laguna Citizen's Advisory Committee .  1988.  Laguna Citizen's Advisory Committee Executive Summary and Recommendations [88.117]. Abstract    Download:  88-117.pdf 
Charles S Greene, Robert R Klamt .  1988.  Investigation for Non-Point Source Pollutants in the Laguna de Santa Rosa Watershed, Sonoma County [88.115]. Abstract    Download:  88-115.pdf 
Baumgarten S, EE Beller, RM Grossinger, CS Striplen, H Brown, S Dusterhoff, M Salomon, RA Askevold .  2014.  Historical Changes in Channel Alignment along Lower Laguna de Santa Rosa and Mark West Creek. Abstract    Download:  HistoricalChangesChannelAlignmentLagunaMarkWest_SFEI_2014.pdf